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All of our Lab Diamonds are grown in the United Kingdom and laser inscribed with the Zafirta Diamonds Logo, so you know the timeless piece you wear is created ethically and can never be mistaken.
Natural and lab created diamonds have thermal conductivity properties that differentiate them from handheld diamond tester.
Lab grown diamonds are grown from a mined diamond “seed” by scientists using state of the art technology, as opposed to having been extracted from the earth. This process cuts down the growth time significantly from millions of years to a couple of months. These diamonds consist of the same carbon atoms in a lattice crystal structure making their physical and chemical properties exactly the same as mined diamonds – This means they are identical but more affordable than mined diamonds due to the rarity of the mining process. Also, a more sustainable and environmentally ethical alternative.
Natural and lab created diamonds have thermal conductivity properties that differentiate them from handheld diamond tester.
Natural diamonds are formed deep in the earth under extreme pressure and high temperature as long as three billion years ago. They have a unique cubic crystal lattice structure and each carbon atom in a diamond is strongly bonded to four others, making them the hardest known natural substance. Natural diamonds also exhibit high thermal conductivity, are resistant to chemicals and have an exceptionally high transparency. Every natural diamond is unique, just like a snowflake or fingerprint, no two are alike.

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About Our Ethical Standards




At Zafirta Diamonds, It is important to us to ensure our customers are receiving a high-quality ethical diamond. Our experienced team sources diamonds ethically, approved by members of the Kimberley Process Scheme which is the most widely accepted method of regulating the diamond trade, ensuring that every diamond we sell is conflict free.
Ethical diamonds are gems that are extracted in humane mining practices. It also means that no miners are harmed during the sourcing of these ethical diamonds. They are also paid a fair wage, have safe working conditions, and none of their human rights are compromised.
All our lab diamonds are made to order, so there is less waste. We create our lab diamonds in the UK using recycled energy from waste. So, from the fair pay labour to the environmentally friendly creation process to your personal investment. Zafirta Diamonds are a beacon of what an ethically minded business can achieve

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